varier chairIf you work at a desk, chances are: you’ve experienced back pain at some point in your life.  Constant pressure on the spine causes muscle, joint fatigue, and ultimately pain. If preventative action is not taken, serious injury can occur.

The Problem: Back Injury and Pain

Back injury is no laughing matter.  Issues like degenerative disk disease, scoliosis, herniated disks, and chronic pain can completely take over your life.  Concentration and general happiness take a backseat when pain is at the forefront of the mind.  Resolving these issues is costly to the body (and the wallet) often involving surgery, pain medication, and ongoing physical therapy.

The (theoretical) Solution: Ergonomics

Proper ergonomics can help to resolve back injury as well as prevent it from ever occurring.  Ergonomics involves sitting with a straight spine, not staying stagnant, and positioning your desk setup according to a set of ergonomic rules. The problem with ergonomics is that it’s extremely difficult to maintain throughout the workday.  When you’re deep in your work, its easy to forget to sit straight and take breaks.

Ergonomic kneeling chairs were designed to automatically keep your spine in an upright, neutral position without you having to think about it.  Because of the lack of a back support, the chair encourages you to stay aligned by yourself.  The increased angle between the upper body and lower body relieves the pelvic muscles that connect to the lower back, relieving back pain.  Kneeling chairs are a turnkey, affordable solution for your back-related issues.  Here’s why:

Kneeling Chair Benefits

benefits of kneeling chairs

  • Back Pain Relief

Reduction in back pain can be seen immediately.  The declined of the seat gives more room for your hips, which are directly connected to the muscles of your lower back.  You’ll experience immediate relief to your lower back, as the chair allows your back and hip muscles to expand rather than tighten.

Because the chair forces you to sit with a straight spine, the supporting muscles of your back no longer have to work to keep you upright.  The spine simply stacks upon itself vertebrae-by-vertebrae with little assistance from your muscles.  Many report improved comfort in both the lower and upper back immediately after switching to a kneeling chair.

  • Improve Posture

Perfect Posture

Good vs Bad PostureYou will quickly notice that sitting with a properly aligned spine takes little effort. Your body becomes accustomed to sitting tall with a straight spine and you’ll start to carry this posture with you throughout your day. When walking, running, standing, etc, you’ll have improved posture and it will show.

  • Long-lasting Comfort

Kneeling chairs are extremely comfortable. The design of the seat will no longer pull you forward, making you hunch forward at your desk. The kneeling pad design encourages you to move around. You can place one foot on the ground to give your hips added relief and giving you more freedom of movement (a key factor in ergonomics).

  • Increased Work Performance

Increased Work PerformanceResearchers report that a primary cause of distraction in the workplace is physical pain.  As you may have experienced, focusing on your daily tasks is extremely difficult when you’re in pain.  This chair will eliminate your back pain, allowing you to focus with a clear head.

In addition, a straight spine and good posture fosters improved blood flow throughout the body.  The brain and body receive more food and oxygen.  You’ll feel better, think sharper, and not have to worry about chronic pain.

  • Core Muscle Development

With a traditional 90-degree chair, the back is completely supported by a back rest. The core muscles don’t do any work, which is the primary reason that you find yourself hunching over your keyboard. The chair’s design requires your core muscles to keep you balanced. The support of your core muscles doesn’t require any noticeable effort, however they still tone over time.

Ergonomic kneeling chairs are a cheap and effective way for you to eliminate pain issues.  They are extremely comfortable, and come in a variety of options.

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