The History Behind the Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

monk kneelingThe combination of modern ergonomics and ancient tradition can be seen in the ergonomic kneeling chair. For centuries, monks from Tibet have become masters of meditation by pure concentration and practice. Monks are known to sit down and meditate in the same position for as much as 8 hours in a single session. Before entering into prolonged meditation, these monks prepare the body to sit and stay in a single position. If the body is not comfortable and relaxed with its position, the mind cannot also relax. Monks and other meditators prepare their body through practice, mental concentration and yoga. Most of us do not keep up a meditation practice, but we still can strive to be comfortable while sitting for a long time through ergonomics.

The ergonomic kneeling chair is specifically designed to allow workers to endure long hours of work in a kneeling position. The kneeling position is best used because it reduces the occurrence of having chronic back pain, which is mostly experienced by desktop workers who sit in front of their desk for a long time. When proper ergonomics is not followed, conditions such as muscle sprains, bulging disks and other injuries of the spine can occur. Workers in the office need a comfortable seat to function properly. A chair that allows it’s user to have relaxed legs, a pain-free back, and mild pressure in the seat provides comfort to the user.

The ergonomic structure of the ergonomic kneeling chair provides this comfort by ensuring that the user is in the “diamond posture” yoga pose. The term diamond posture in Sanskrit is known as “Vajrasana”. This yoga posture is very similar to the posture that the ergonomic kneeling chair positions the user in. The chair’s seat is slightly tilted so that the knee, which is resting on the chair’s shin pad, is positioned to support some of the person’s weight. With this position the neck and the back are vertically aligned with the spine, which lessens the stress given to the muscles. As the knee in the shin supports a portion of the body’s weight, the burden, which is usually given to the back with the use of the traditional 90 degree chair, is lessened.

There are many benefits that the diamond posture and the ergonomic kneeling chair bring. Among these are those which are found below:

  • Due to the vertical stacking of the spine when the ergonomic kneeling chair is used, the spine naturally stacks straight up and the muscles around the spine are not pressured to work as much.
  • Pain in the hips, back and legs are alleviated.
  • Digestion is also assisted through the optimal use of gravity.
  • The pelvic muscles, significantly important to women because they are involved in pregnancy, are relived of strain.
  • A rolling kneeling chair improves movement and mobility by allowing the hamstrings to be stretched. It also discourages lack of movement for extended periods of time.

The fusion between Eastern tradition with the Western practical medicine is currently happening today. With this, it is expected to see that more and more people will be willing to use the ergonomic kneeling chair to help in their offices and homes.

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