A Guide to the Rolling Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

old wheelThe rolling ergonomic kneeling chair has a wheeled base for its foundation. The wheeled base’s purpose is to prevent users from being stagnant in a single position for a extended period of time time, which is one of the primary rules of ergonomics. Long hours in front of the computer at work, while playing video games, surfing the internet, or just updating oneself with Facebook are just a few instances when one spends a long time sitting still. This practice can eventually lead to muscle atrophy, a condition that is exacerbated when the muscles becomes tightened over a period of time. Muscle atrophy eventually leads to pain and discomfort as well as other more serious musculoskeletal health conditions. Through the use of the ergonomic kneeling chair, which has built in wheels on its base that enable rolling motion, ergonomic health can be easily practiced in the workplace and at home.

The ergonomic kneeling chair has a unique design that makes it possible for a person to achieve a freedom of movement which was not previously possible with other chairs. This chair allows the user to stretch the hamstrings by placing one foot at a time on the ground while the other knee remains on the shin pad of the chair. Back pain is also remedied because stretching the hamstrings does not only help the muscles in the leg but it also helps with the muscles of the hips. In addition to this, the chair’s shin rest can also support one foot to allow the sitter’s back and hips to be stretched. The rolling ergonomic kneeling chair’s capability to rotate 360 degrees expands the amount of different stretches possible. One of the stretches that a sitter can do with this chair is the lateral stretch, which can be done simply by swiveling the chair either clockwise or counter clockwise. In this way, the oblique muscles and the muscles on the side of the ribs are stretched. This capability to move freely with the use of the rolling ergonomic kneeling chair could be considered as an advanced approach towards ergonomic health.

The rolling base has a lot of advantages for its users. At home, the sitter is capable of moving while seated and reaching a further distance. On the other hand, one can also use the rolling base in the office whenever one needs to move around and reach different office supplies from the other side of the work desk. Additionally, talking to co-workers without twisting and straining the neck is possible by just turning around to face them. The rotating base also helps prevent the imbalanced development of muscles due to frequent use of one side over the other. This could be seen whenever one answers the phone or reaches for the printer that is located on the far right or left of the desk. When a stationary chair is used, the sitter has to change the position of these objects to prevent imbalanced muscle development but with the ergonomic kneeling chair, swiveling the chair is all that is needed to be done.

The rolling ergonomic kneeling chair is one of the easiest chairs to store because it is compact and can be neatly placed under the desk. Due to the absence of a back support, it is smaller in height as compared to the other 90 degree chairs. It could also be folded and stored underneath the bed when not in use.

Our favorite rolling ergonomic kneeling chair is the “Wooden Ergonomic Kneeling Posture Office Chair with Reclining Back”.  It has everything that a chair should encompass: affordable, comfortable, ergonomically correct, sturdy, and mobile.  Amazon has a the most competitive price on this ergonomic kneeling chair, plus they offer free shipping.

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