Choosing the Cushioning of Your Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

kneeling chair 270One of the many things to be considered before buying an ergonomic kneeling chair, or any chair for that matter, is the quality and comfort provided by the chair’s cushioning. Spending a lot of time while working in the office, gaming or just visiting Facebook can cause discomfort especially when improper cushioning is used. Unlike the traditional 90 degree chairs, ergonomic kneeling chairs are designed with special padding that helps provide enhanced comfort to the spine and legs. This guide will help in choosing the right kind of chair based on padding, which is one of the most important factors in chair selection.

The most prominent feature that makes the ergonomic kneeling chair different from the traditional chair is the presence of the shin rest. With traditional chairs, the seat is what supports the whole body weight. Most of the time, there is leniency with the material used for the padding of a traditional chair, because the already padded buttock muscles are what is making contact with the chair. The weight is distributed in a larger area as compared to that of the shin, which covers a very small area. The shin pad in the ergonomic kneeling chair is responsible for absorbing as much as half of the body’s weight, depending on how the sitter sits. Because of the smaller surface area that the shins support, a noticeable difference can be felt between a padding that is just right and a padding that is lacking of proper cushioning.

The first thing to consider in the selection of proper cushioning is the firmness of the padding. Materials such as wool and cotton are soft and very comfortable to use but are not that durable, especially when the chair is efficiently used. The use of cheap materials, which can easily compress, can lead to the contact of the sitter’s bones to the chair’s frame. This uncomfortable situation could further lead to other severe conditions, which is why it is advisable to simply throw the chair away when it reaches this point. Once the shin pads are ruined, the chair becomes unusable because one cannot comfortably sit in the chair for any amount of time.

The material of the padding of the ergonomic kneeling chair should be both firm and comfortable. This is achieved through layering the cushion. Layered cushions, which are usually affordable, are made with a wooden frame which is then wrapped with durable foam for padding. Tempurpedic foam is the material used in the high-end chairs. The foam gives enough padding between the knee and the wooden frame. When the cushion used is of high quality, there is a greater chance of the chair lasting for a very long time and the user will be comfortable using it through its lifetime.

As mentioned before, one of the most sought after materials for the padding of the ergonomic kneeling chair is the tempurpedic foam. Tempurpedic is the recommended padding of Ergonomic Kneeling Chair World. During contact with the body, the foam forms a mould that enables the body to sink softly into it. There are mixed views about tempurpedic, whether be it used as a chair cushion or as a bed mattress. You may choose to buy a chair with a cushion made from temperpedic foam, or not, but the important thing to remember is that firmness of the foam bad is the primary factor that greatly affects the durability, comfort and lasting capability of the ergonomic kneeling chair.

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