Consumer Review: Office Star Ergonomically Designed Knee Chair

Submitted by John M. – Bellingham, WA:
I’m a new, first-time owner of an ergonomic kneeling chair, having been given the “Office Star Ergonomically Designed Espresso Finished Knee Chair” last Christmas as a gift.  I am more than satisfied with this chair.  Let’s just say that I’m completely hooked and will probably never go back to using a traditional chair.  I work as a computer engineer, so as you can imagine, long hours are spent at the desk where posture and ergonomics can become a huge factor.  On top of this, I suffer from lower back pain due to bulging disks in my lumbar spine.  I found it hard to maintain “proper” ergonomic posture in a traditional chair for an extended period of time, whether it might be due to fatigue or simply forgetting to sit properly.

Once I switched to an ergonomic kneeling chair, not only did my posture improve, but my comfort and overall experience at work improved as well.  While sitting in a kneeling chair, there is no option but to have a vertically stacked, proper spinal alignment.  The way the chair is built, the upper body gets automatically put into a vertical position.  So for me, I didn’t have to worry about getting tired or forgetting to sit properly.  The particular chair that I bought is extremely comfortable.  I had fears about the shin pads becoming uncomfortable, but the memory foam provides soft support, while not being so supple that I can feel the frame.  My overall experience with this ergonomic kneeling chair has been great.  I’m able to work without pain and stand taller when I’m not working.


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