Consumer Review: Flash Furniture, Office Kneeling Chair

Submitted by: Mark – St.Louis:

I recently purchased the Flash Furniture Chair off of Amazon.  My doctor had recommended this product and at first I was skeptical. I have chronic back pain and didn’t believe that anything besides surgery or pain killers could possibly fix me. It turned out that this was the best health decision I made all year.  Being in a desk-bound job I’m required to sit at least four hours a day. I can’t deny the fact that I have to change positions at any time and can easily slip into an improper one. My doctor told me that I’m developing a lordotic curve in my spine and as well as suffering from repetitive strain injuries. I found out that my sitting position has to be corrected and I have to use a seat developed to my kind of work.

The chair my doctor recommended was a knee stool. The flash furniture product I purchased is made up of wood frame and gray fabric upholstery, thick padded seat and knee rest that allows you to be more comfortable, provides so firm support to your upper body, and it has wheels that allow you to freely move around your office area.

I shopped around for a while and found that Amazon has the cheapest prices by far.  Gotta love wholesale pricing.  My kneeling stool was priced down from $149 to $89.29, so it was a 40% steal.  Free shipping helped with the cost as well.  If you are stuck like I was with back pain that seems not to have any solution, I recommend getting this product asap. Give it a try, it worked wonders for me.

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