How To Select The Right Hearing Aid?

There are several kinds of hearing aids available in the markets, but picking the best one is a daunting task.

Here are 7 tips that you must consider while selecting a hearing aid:

Hearing Aid

  1. Locate a good provider: Your hearing aid will depend on the skills and abilities of your provider. If you are not aware of a trusted provider then ask the health care professionals to refer one for you. Moreover, you can even consult your family members or friends who are using hearing aids, as they will be able to guide you well.
  2. Talk about your priorities: It is extremely important to share your priorities to the hearing aid provider. Whether you are active or you stay at home for most of the time, the reason for you to buy a hearing aid, difficulties that you are facing, etc. will enable the hearing specialist to offer the apt product for you.Hearing Aid2
  3. Ear inspection: There are specific tests to be done before selecting the hearing aid. The test will be done in a soundproof booth that will confirm the type of hearing loss you have, so that the hearing specialist offers an appropriate hearing aid for you. Also, you should provide your detailed medical history to the specialist. The hearing specialist will even thoroughly inspect your ears and check if there is wax built-up in the ears.
  4. Live demonstration: It is necessary to try the various hearing aids recommended for you by the specialist. Take time in selecting the best one among them. Also, gain knowledge on the different settings that the hearing aid has and the way it works. Ask as many questions as you feel like, before making the decision. The demonstration should be conducted with noise in the background so that you can experience the performance of hearing aids in practical situations.
  5. Select the hearing aid styles: There are several hearing aids available in the market like ‘in the canal’, ‘completely in the canal’, ‘in the ear’, ‘behind the ear’, ‘open fit’, and ‘receiver in canal’. All of them have various features and functionalities. So, you need to research well on all of them before selecting the best one for yourself.
  6. Check the add-ons: There are several add-ons available for various hearing aids. Some add-ons will make it easier for you to hear in noisy areas whileHearing Aid3 others will help you to hear comfortably during phone conversations. All add-ons have different features, so select them as per your preference.
  7. Check the agreement: Before buying the hearing aid, check the days allowed for trial period, the number of follow-up visits that are for free of cost, the warranty of the product, and everything else you need to know before paying the price for your hearing aid. Moreover, even inquire whether the hearing aid that you have selected is capable of increasing power so that you can use the same product even after your hearing loss gets worse.

Keep in account all the aforesaid tips, and select the right hearing aid for yourself.


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5 Ways to Keep Seniors Active and healthy

When seniors don’t stay active, their quality of life suffers! Physical and mental activities can have a significant positive impact on their health. Activities will make them feel energetic and it will thereby keep them healthy.


Whether your elder parents are staying with you at home or are in a nursing home, it is vital to keep them engaged in any kind of activity. Seniors have their limitations that are directly dependent on their health. However, this does not mean that they cannot continue exercising or taking part in other activities. Listed below are the top 5 tips that can motivate seniors to remain active and healthy:

  1. Think of the activities that they enjoyed in the past: Have a chat with your elderly parents and find out the various activities that they used to enjoy while they were young. For instance, if they liked cooking or baking then you can give them some veggies to cut every day. If they enjoyed hiking and walking, then encourage them to go for a walk to the park in the mornings or evenings.
  2. Encourage them to join a senior’s club: There are several clubs that have emerged especially for seniors. You can find them online as well as locally. Encourage them to join these clubs as it will help them to meet various like-minded people. When several seniors come together then they are surely going to enjoy.
  3. Stay involved with them: If you do not encourage them then they might stop doing the activity. At least in the beginning, you need to stay involved with them so that they are encouraged to complete the activity. Once they start enjoying the activity and get confident, then they can be left alone to do it every day. Also, don’t forget to praise them when they complete the activity properly.
  4. Talk to them everyday: Talking to them is one of the most important aspects. You need to spend quality time with them and make them understand the advantages of exercising and remaining active. Some seniors may be afraid of starting with a new activity at their age and due to their illnesses. So, it is vital that you make them understand its benefits and encourage them to begin with the activity.
  5. Health always comes first: With all the activities that they do, it is necessary to keep a track on their eating habits. They should add fibrous fruits, fresh vegetables, and whole grains to their daily diet. They must drink plenty of water to keep their body hydrated. Always ensure that you take them to the doctor for regular check-ups. Sleeping properly is also very important for their health as if they sleep well in the night then they will remain active for the rest of the day.


These tips will surely help seniors in remaining active and healthy. However, ensure that you have taken advice from their doctor before starting with any kind of activity. Keep them active and let them stay healthy!


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8 great tips for back pain relief

Back pains can be caused due to various reasons like lifting something heavy in a wrong manner, arthritis, prenatal pains, maintaining bad posture, and many more. Howevback-1er, once you have back pains then it really gets difficult to move. Severe pains can only be treated with right medication. Some patients even select surgery to cure back pains.

However, if your back pain is not that severe then you can use the below-mentioned tips to find relief from the pain:

  1. Start walking, jogging, or running every day so that your muscles get flexible. However, ensure that you are wearing a good pair of running shoes that are comfortable for you. Do not exert your body too much, start with just a few minutes of walking or running and keep increasing every week.
  2. Begin exercising on a regularly basis with your favorite workout like dancing, trekking, cycling, skipping, etc. However, do not stress your body too much as it may aggravate the pain. Also have healthy diet that is rich in calcium. Milk, yogurt, and cheese will make your bones stronger.exercise
  3. Sleep at a fixed time and for at least 7-8 hours every day, as during this time the body will recuperate.
  4. Maintain proper posture as it will help you in keeping your spine aligned and free of pains.
  5. Keep stretching your entire body after every 30 minutes of work. This will let you keep your muscles flexible and provide a lot of relief from back pains.
  6. Design your workplace in such a manner that your body is straight and comfortable at work. Most of the offices desks make us lean forward to see the computer. This leads to a lot of back and neck pains. Ergonomic chairs will enable you to adjust the height of the chair with the desk and let you work comfortably.
  7. Make it a point to always wear low heeled shoes. High-heeled shoes will increase your back pain as it stresses on your lower spine and creates an unstable posture. Low-heeled shoes will let you walk comfortably while providing relief to your back pain.back-2
  8. Meditation and yoga can cure most of the body aches and pains. It is the best way to keep your body and soul calm and free of stress. Practicing yoga exercises everyday will provide a lot of relief to your body pains.

So, start applying these tips in your daily life and stay away from body pains and aches.


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Causes And Remedies For Treating Upper Back Pain

Muscle irritation or joint problems in the upper region of the back can lead to severe pains. If not treated on time, these pains can lead to numerous healblue-man-back-painth issues. Most of the times, the pains are so severe that it becomes difficult for the individual to perform their daily tasks as they cannot get out of the bed.

If you keep getting recurring upper back pains then it is important that you maintain the right posture while sitting. Also, avoid lifting or pulling heavy things as they will make your pain worse.

Here are some of the common causes that lead to upper back pains:


This is a kind of injury that occurs when the head is whipped back suddenly. This affects the neck and the back. During a car accident or while playing sports, whiplash can be caused. The muscles, tissues, and ligaments of the neck get damaged. It is difficult to feel the consequences of whiplash for the first few weeks. However, after some time you may notice back and neck pains. So, whenever you meet with an accident, you should consult a chiropractor who will help you in minimizing the possible damage in the beginning itself.

Improper posture

Prolonged sitting on chairs with improper posture can lead to back and neck pains. Most of our workplaces compel us to work for longer durations in front of the computers. We usually do not sit straight while working and this leads to severe health issues. In the beginning, we may not notice the effects; however, later on when the pain becomes chronic we realize our mistake.

Herniated discs

Herniated discs

The herniated disc or slipped disc can cause pressure to the nerves and other parts of the body. This can result in severe pain, weakness, or numbness in the back or neck.

If not treated swiftly, the pain can reach the arms or legs. Your muscles will get affected and you may not be able to lift or hold items.


Our muscles tense whenever there is any kind of mental or emotional stress. If the stress lasts for long then it many lead to an injury in the back or neck. So, ensure that you are free of stress and fatigue.


Falling down or meeting with an accident are the common causes of injury to the spine. The injury may be severe or negligible depending on the fall. So, you should consult your physician right away and get it treated.

Of course most of the causes are difficult to avoid…

So here are some natural remedies that you could use for reducing upper back pain:

Exercise daily

Make a routine to exercise every day. This will make your muscles flexible and will keep you healthy. You can even go for a jog or walk every morning to keep your mind and body fresh.


There are several Yoga Asanas that you could perform for making your upper back muscles strong. These asanas will even reduce pain and make your muscles supple.


Nuts, Omega 3 fatty acids, dairy products, grains, etc. will reduce the pain as they are anti-inflammatory foods. So, try to add them to your diet and ensure that you maintain proper nutrition. Calcium also plays an important role in building bones, so add milk, cheese, and yogurt to your daily diet.

Most of the upper back pains are hard to cure. However, by using the aforesaid remedies you will be able to reduce the frequency of your pain. Also, these remedies are good for the entire body, so use these effective tips and lead a healthy lifestyle.


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Top 4 Workplace Hazards You Should Avoid

When you start a new job, you’re often trained on workplace safety and how to perform your job safely and Hazardefficiently. While some of us may have watched these videos or listened to these lectures for what seems to be a hundred times, many people easily slip into poor safety habits that can ultimately put you or your co-workers at risk. Furthermore, some of the information in these safety training workshops, while crucial, may not cover other health hazards that you should be made aware of, and try to avoid.

1. If You Spill It – Clean It

One of the most common safety hazards often overlooked in factory settings or office breakrooms are spills. Whether its water or a toxic liquid spilled on the floor, it is important to clean up the mess as soon as possible to prevent yourself or others from slipping in the wet mess. Additionally, even a piece of paper on the floor could cause someone to slip and fall. Spill related work injuries can lead to many serious and non-serious health concerns, including sprained, bruised, or broken bones, which often lead to multiple days off work.

2. Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize

Whether you work in the food industry or not, it is important to keep your workstation as sanitized and germ-free as possible. This includes your hands. Keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your pocket or purse, along with a few tissues, in order to minimize the risk of spreading illnesses such as the cold and flu. Your co-workers will thank you.

3. Practice Proper Lifting Techniques

You were taught how to properly lift and move heavy objects in the safety video or lecture, but being lectured on this and actually practicing the technique are two very different things. It’s easy to fall into the bad habit of improper lifting. Save your back from unnecessary strain and discomfort by lifting objects with your legs instead of your back, and never twist from your hips to move heavy objects from left to right.

4. Wear Ear Protection

If you work in a very loud environment, simply using ear muffs or ear plugs will greatly reduce your risk of damaging your hearing. Ear Protection Work-related hearing loss is one of the most common hazards of people who work in factories and construction sites. Protect your ears from permanent damage by keeping the ear canal covered.

Most workplace hazards are avoidable, if everyone works together to ensure a safe, clean working environment. Sometimes, though, workers become lazy or inattentive to their working environment. This is often when workplace injuries happen. Pay attention to your surroundings, and make sure you are doing everything you can to maintain a safe work station.

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Small Things You Can Do To Improve Your Health

Doctors are continually lecturing people on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, many of us hear these words and instantly think that in order to achieve optimal health, you have to spend hundreds of dollars per year on gym memberships and organic foods. On the contrary, you can live a normal, healthy lifestyle by following a few simple tips every day.

Stay Active

Staying active doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend $100 per month on a gym membership; nor does it mean that you have to run 10 miles every day. Staying active means exactly what it says: staying active. Instead of lounging around on the couch watching Dancing with the Stars re-runs, get up and take a walk around your neighborhood after dinner or take a hike in the woods for 20 to 30 minutes each night.

stay active

Walking is one of the easiest, free exercise routines you can do that will provide you with the most benefits to your health. Speed walking is even better because it helps boost your heartrate while working just about every major muscle in your body.

Eat Right

Eating right doesn’t mean omitting the tasty sweets like ice cream and chocolate cake. Eating right is a balancing act. It also means that you should not skip meals, or over-eat at meals and snacks. According to the USDA, the average, active male between the ages of 36 and 40 should receive approximately 2,800 calories per day while the average, active female in the same age group should receive approximately 2,200 calories per day.

Knowing these figures, while can be quite helpful, is of little consequence if you’re eating something with empty calories. Following the USDA food guide pyramid is also important.

Reduce StressStreess Free

Stress and anxiety can play a very harmful role on your overall health and well-being. Studies have shown that people who are stressed and anxious a lot of the time often suffer from hypertension and other heart-related conditions. Reduce the amount of stress in your life, wherever possible. If you cannot reduce or eliminate certain stress triggers, find a healthy way to manage and deal with your stressful lifestyle. Walking is one of the best stress-reducing exercises that is often recommended by healthcare professionals.

We all know that maintaining a healthy lifestyle will provide positive results in the long run, however much of the hype we hear on the radio, television, and by our friends and relatives is just that – hype. There are many ways to maintain good health without breaking the bank. Utilize these tips to help you fast-track your way to optimal health.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Our bodies may look restful while we’re sleeping, however this is the time when our body begins to repair itself from the inside out. Studies have shown that our bodies heal and rejuvenate damaged cells while our at rest. That’s why it is so important for you to rest when you’re sick! Getting a good night’s sleep can help your body fight off infection and heal and repair damaged cells and bones. Additionally, it also helps to give our brain a little R&R from our hectic daily lives – which will help to reduce stress and anxiety. Depression victims also note that getting a restful sleep helps reduce the depression symptoms.

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4 Tips for Alleviating Hand Pain When Using a Computer

If you work or play at the computer for several hours per day, at some point you may begin to experience hand and wrist pain. This is quite common for writers, typists, and office workers. However, what you may not know is that there are many ways to treat, or even prevent this from starting! If you are currently experiencing hand and wrist pain, or want to prevent it, try one or more of the following tips.


Proper Keyboard and Monitor Placement is Important

Using a laptop for an extended period of time, such as for work projects or gaming, isn’t exactly the best decision if you’re experiencing hand and wrist pain. When using a computer for long periods of time, you should make sure that the keyboard is relatively close to your body, and centered so that the keys that you use most often are positioned directly in front of you. Additionally, the keyboard should be slightly tilted to reduce strain on your shoulders, wrists, and hands. Generally, doctors recommend that your elbows should be between 100- and 110-degrees. If you must use a laptop for an extended period of time, consider purchasing a secondary keyboard and use a keyboard tray.

Additionally, the placement of your monitor is also a vital decision. Your monitor should be approximately two to three inches above your eye level while seated. In addition, your it should be at least an arm-length away from you.

Purchase a Wrist Rest for your Keyboardmouse-pad

A wrist rest is a soft rest often filled with a type of foam, such as memory-foam, that is placed between you and your keyboard. This rest will prevent your wrists from touching the top of the desk or keyboard tray, and help to keep your wrists and arms in proper alignment. Some people may find these rests somewhat uncomfortable at first, but with continued use you will notice a significant difference in your hand and wrist pain level and frequency.

Purchase a Mouse Pad with Built-in Wrist Rest

Along the same thoughts as the wrist rest for your keyboard, you can also purchase a mouse pad that includes a built-in wrist rest. This will help cushion your wrist while using your mouse. Some stores may offer separate wrist rests for your mouse.

Perform Wrist Exercises

Working and playing at the computer for long periods of time puts a significant amount of strain on the muscles, nerves, and tendons in your hands and wrists. With that said, it is a good idea to help keep blood flowing smoothly while at the computer. To do this, you should periodically take a break. During these breaks, conduct a mini-massage on both of your hands and wrists. Additionally, you can do wrist exercises such as rolling your wrists around clockwise, then counter-clockwise to help improve blood flow and flexibility.

Spending hours at the computer each day is not exactly the best thing to do when you’re trying to stay healthy, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. If you need to spend several hours working at the computer, try some of the tips mentioned above to prevent hand and wrist pain. Many of these tips will also help to alleviate the pain once it has started.

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Posture Chair Benefits

Woman in posture chairCorrect posture means positioning your body in such a way that joints and back are aligned in a natural way, allowing smooth flow of blood throughout the body and reducing pressure on your spine. Craning one’s neck sideways or forward, slouching or exacting more pressure to a certain part of the body are all considered unhealthy ergonomic habits and pose serious health risks.

What may begin as minor discomfort can quickly develop into serious chronic problems.  Bad seating posture leads to neck and back complications which if not looked into early, will have a major impact on your job and life.  Thankfully, advancements in the design of office furniture offer solutions to the back pain problems you might be experiencing.

If you sit long hours in the office then you are exposed to the risks of poor ergonomics.  Ergonomic rules, such as keeping a straight spine, are easily forgotten in the middle of a hectic work day. If you are concerned about your health and would like to improve your posture without having to constantly remind yourself to sit upright, a kneeling posture chair is an excellent solution for you to consider. A posture chair is designed to improve your seating position and will not only prevent problems with your spine but also decrease any existing pains.

There are many benefits of using a posture chair as opposed to traditional chairs.

Posture Chair Benefits

Back Pain Relief

man joggingPerhaps the most notable benefit of an ergonomic kneeling posture chair is its ability to both eliminate existing back pain issues as well as reduce the risk of developing back pain. Strain on joints and tendons caused by unhealthy seating positions can lead to conditions such as arthritis, bulging disks and other joint complications. With enough support to the lower back and less pressure on different parts of the body, this chair will effectively improve your seating position without you having to think about it. With an ergonomic posture chair, you are guaranteed a natural seating position.  Most of these chairs can be adjusted to suit your body needs perfectly.

Better Posture

The best part about using this type of chair is the fact that it helps you get used to a healthy seating position. This means that you are likely to maintain this position even when using other types of chairs. In addition, your standing posture will improve.  You most likely sit for equal or more time that you stand.  When using a kneeling posture chair, you’ll start to carry its benefits with you, whether standing or sitting.


Kneeling posture chairs are extremely comfortable compared to traditional 90 degree chairs.  Because the weight is distributed between the buttocks and the shins, no single part of the body bears too much weight.  The design of the chair also encourages you to alter your sitting position, allowing for increased mobility (a key factor in ergonomics).

Work Performance Benefits

A healthy seating position will allow smooth flow of blood throughout the body. When the brain is provided with enough blood and oxygen, you will notice an improvement in performance. You will be more focused and will rarely suffer from pain-related stress or fatigue.

Core Strengthening

core musclesIf you are a busy person and hardly get time to exercise, a posture chair can help you train your abdominal muscles without having to go to the gym.  A posture chair forces you to engage the muscles of the core to keep you upright, toning and strengthening the muscles. Chairs are not considered exercise equipment but a posture chair makes a lot of difference.  This is a great way to keep your body fit while you are sat down for work or other activities.

With advancement in technology, posture chairs are constantly being improved and finding one that suits your individual needs will be an easy task.

Click below to see Ergonomic Kneeling Chair World’s top 5 most recommended posture chairs for 2013.

posture chair buyers guide

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Review: Flash Furniture Ergonomic Kneeling Posture Chair

chair number twoIf you are having chronic back pain then your work can be the culprit. If you spend most of your days seated in front of a computer, then consider this amazing ergonomic product. Also known as an ergonomic posture chair, a knee stool is a kind of furniture where, as the name suggests, you kneel instead of sit. The position one assumes while using this kind of seat is gentler and thus safer for the back because it maintains the proper body posture. A good example of this kind of product is the Flash Furniture wooden ergonomic kneeling posture office chair.

Kneeling Product Review

The 17 1/2 by 26 1/2 by 20 24 inch frame of the Flash Furniture product is just right for the average person and its height is easily adjustable for taller individuals. The problem with sitting in a conventional seat for several hours a day is that it compresses your spine making you prone to backaches. The open angled position of the Flash Furniture ergonomic solution can decompress your back to help relieve stiffness and pain. This chair is not only good for the back, it promotes better blood circulation and breathing as well. Using this product puts you in a position where your diaphragm is allowed to move more freely and efficiently.

A common complain of people who have tried using ergonomic knee stools is that they can be uncomfortable to the knees, especially if used in a long period of time. Flash Furniture has solved the problem with its thickly padded seat and knee rest. Some people only use a kneeling stool as some sort of a resting device where they can sit and take a break whenever their back is killing them. With the comfort that this product provides though, you can use it to replace your existing office seat and you won’t miss sitting in a conventional chair.

Another thing that you will appreciate with the Flash Furniture ergonomic product is that is probably one of the most durably constructed seat on the market. It has a thick 1 1/2″ wooden frame that is made from solid oak and 1 3/4″ rounded legs that is also made from the sturdy wood. The braces and other parts are all made from metal. Judging by the materials used, you can tell that this not some cheaply made product that will need replacement after a few months of use. The Flash Furniture is solid enough to be used on a daily basis and can last for years.

The Flash Furniture is also not so shabby when it comes to the looks department. The natural wood frame finish and the black upholstered seat and shin pads would perfectly complement any office interior be it classic or modern. The price is just about right for an office chair that offers plenty of benefits.

If you really can’t avoid being in front of a computer for hours on end, then switching to an ergonomic product such as the Flash Furniture is one simple adjustment you can do to save your back.

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Evolution of the Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Large Wing Ergonomic Kneeling ChairMonks in Tibet have always thought that sitting in a kneeling position might improve comfort. They discovered this to be true when they started to use a seiza bunch to sit in this position during meditation. In the 1970s Christian Menshongel also thought of how to enhance comfort while sitting, he hired Peter Opsvik to design for him a furniture piece based on a concept he had thought of. The design they created had a lower leg support and high torso angle that kept someone sitting in a knee-down position. Although it was called a “kneel chair”, the actual seat kept users sitting in a squat position with support below the knees and shin to reduce stress on the calf muscles.

Redefining the Kneeling Chair

Dr. A.C Mandal, a Danish surgeon, later discovered that these products were causing lower back pain and muscular tension in some of his patients. After months of experimenting, he discovered that giving the seat a forward incline position could greatly reduce any lower back muscular pain and could also create room for the spine to curve naturally while sitting. This revelation came to him one day while he was watching children in class and he noticed how they would often lean forward on their seats to increase their comfort. After making the additional changes to the seat, his patients showed great improvement in their posture, making this the perfect sitting position.

Other notable attempts to improve on these ergonomic chairs include the “Buzzi 1970″ chairs that were used in Rome in the 1970s, the Vowles, and the Gillings Junior. The Vowles version is made to reduce posterior body pressure while sitting by transferring most of the body pressure towards the knees. Currently, the most popular chairs are those by Balans, these are: the Varier Chair, which has two wooden runners connecting the chair to the base; the Wing that has five wooden runners and an adjustable knee pad making it ideal for office use; Thatsit Balans Chair which also comes with an adjustable seat; the Gravity Balans which has an adjustable backrest making it ideal for both reading or napping; and the Multi Balans that has kneepads angled in the same direction as the seat and is also collapsible for easy transport or storage.

To find other great deals on ergonomic kneeling chairs, check out our Store (free shipping).

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