Review: Flash Furniture Ergonomic Kneeling Posture Chair

chair number twoIf you are having chronic back pain then your work can be the culprit. If you spend most of your days seated in front of a computer, then consider this amazing ergonomic product. Also known as an ergonomic posture chair, a knee stool is a kind of furniture where, as the name suggests, you kneel instead of sit. The position one assumes while using this kind of seat is gentler and thus safer for the back because it maintains the proper body posture. A good example of this kind of product is the Flash Furniture wooden ergonomic kneeling posture office chair.

Kneeling Product Review

The 17 1/2 by 26 1/2 by 20 24 inch frame of the Flash Furniture product is just right for the average person and its height is easily adjustable for taller individuals. The problem with sitting in a conventional seat for several hours a day is that it compresses your spine making you prone to backaches. The open angled position of the Flash Furniture ergonomic solution can decompress your back to help relieve stiffness and pain. This chair is not only good for the back, it promotes better blood circulation and breathing as well. Using this product puts you in a position where your diaphragm is allowed to move more freely and efficiently.

A common complain of people who have tried using ergonomic knee stools is that they can be uncomfortable to the knees, especially if used in a long period of time. Flash Furniture has solved the problem with its thickly padded seat and knee rest. Some people only use a kneeling stool as some sort of a resting device where they can sit and take a break whenever their back is killing them. With the comfort that this product provides though, you can use it to replace your existing office seat and you won’t miss sitting in a conventional chair.

Another thing that you will appreciate with the Flash Furniture ergonomic product is that is probably one of the most durably constructed seat on the market. It has a thick 1 1/2″ wooden frame that is made from solid oak and 1 3/4″ rounded legs that is also made from the sturdy wood. The braces and other parts are all made from metal. Judging by the materials used, you can tell that this not some cheaply made product that will need replacement after a few months of use. The Flash Furniture is solid enough to be used on a daily basis and can last for years.

The Flash Furniture is also not so shabby when it comes to the looks department. The natural wood frame finish and the black upholstered seat and shin pads would perfectly complement any office interior be it classic or modern. The price is just about right for an office chair that offers plenty of benefits.

If you really can’t avoid being in front of a computer for hours on end, then switching to an ergonomic product such as the Flash Furniture is one simple adjustment you can do to save your back.

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