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Ergonomic furniture pieces have become the new way for those who are strapped to a desk all day to maintain good posture, decrease back pain, and get back to a healthy way of living.  My current work position is largely sedentary.  I am “chained” to a desk for extended periods of time, with few breaks or opportunities to move around.  For years I suffered from constant back pain, and had actually gotten to the point of seeing a pain management specialist and contemplating spinal surgery when I finally invested in an ergonomic kneeling chair.  Within a month of switching to a this new seating arrangement, my posture had improved and my pain had subsided.  I now have updated my chair to a folding model so I can easily transport it from my home office to my work office.  This product has made all the difference for me, and it could work for you as well.


Portable Knee Stools

As I just mentioned, one of the best perks of owning a folding model is its portability.   Many models are lightweight, often weighing less than five pounds, and are extremely compact, approximately two feet tall on models without a back support.  Folding versions have the ability collapse and can become virtually flat, making them extremely easy to fit into the trunk of your car, store under a bed or other area, put into a closet, or hang on a wall.  With all these bonus features of the folding models, I chose this option over a the non-folding models.

One unfortunate caveat with folding chairs, is that you must always consider the quality of the product you are considering purchasing.  Since this type of seat has many more moving parts, and you will use them on a more frequent basis, it is absolutely imperative that the chair is built from quality materials and with good workmanship.  In this case, you will want to pay more money for a quality product so that you can be assured your investment will be reliable, and hopefully last you a lifetime.  Always make sure that you research both the product and the manufacturer thoroughly, and read as many reviews as you can.  Often wooden models tend to be the best deal since they are highly durable, cost less than other types, and typically are more lightweight.

Most folding models do not have back support or arm rests, so if you feel these are amenities you cannot pass up but want to stay in this posture improving area, you will want to look at non-folding ergonomic knee seats.  If this is the route you choose, we recommend purchasing a model with a wheeled base.  The wheeled base is designed much like those of traditional 90 degree office seats, and makes it easier for you to move around in your home or office.  Additionally, the wheeled base encourages movement, a concept that is essential to ergonomics as movement can help combat the muscle and joint stiffness that a sedentary lifestyle tends to bring about.

Whichever model you decide is the perfect one for you, you absolutely cannot go wrong with purchasing an knee chair, and you can rest assured that the benefits it brings to your life will be well worth the money spent.

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